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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Massive Maria Calo

I've recently found some old photos of Maria from the Jan Tana 2000 contest. In my opinion she's at her very best here, totally huge with an incredible amount of muscle.

This is from an old interview from the NY times where Maria briefly talks about why she became so massive........At 5 foot 4 inches, 180 pounds, Ms Calo 25, who makes a living as a personal trainer, is a stark contrast to other Argentine women. While most are slimming, toning and shaping, Ms. Calo is building thick bulky muscles. "For me the muscles are very beautiful and very feminine," Ms Calo said." From the first time I saw large muscles on women in a competition on American television, I knew I had to have them."
Transformed in to a she-hulk


  1. I would love Maria to make a comeback...
    She is one of my all time favorites; I especially remember her shooting in that pink bikini on a lawn with totaly striated glutes.

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